Fall Tips

The hot humid weather makes us all wonder if the fall and winter will ever arrive.  It always sneaks up on us and before long we start thinking of the Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, shopping and the Christmas rush.  Before all this jumps on top of us and we feel overwhelmed, we should prepare our home to avoid additional winter damage and repair costs.  A few places to check are as follows:
1) Paint & Caulking 
2) Guttering 
3) Fireplace Chimney
4) HVAC System 
5) Garden Hoses
6) Brick and drive cracks 
7) Roof Leaks
8) Insulation 
9) Door Weather stripping 
10) Leaks in cabinets under sinks, a crawl space leak, or a leaky water heater - Have you looked lately?  Is damage occurring without you knowing?  Damp wet areas attract termites and mold.