Miles Company History


Most who know us love us. Over three decades and scores of satisfied customers later we have the ability to get your job done right the first time. Have you thought about how much that undone job could be costing you? In energy savings and peace of mind? More than ever, we realize that your home is your castle and that you don't have money to burn. We can help you enjoy your home, vacation spot or business even more by making it more efficient and less complicated to keep up. Translated that means you save time and money, so you can do more important things: like take time off with the money you save and vacation and travel or just put money in your pocket. And you deal with confidence with a name and faces you know and trust.

Get to know us

Roy Miles III has spent most of his life in West Nashville, including his attending Hillwood High and receiving top honors in Industrial Arts, and graduating from MTSU in 1978, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Studies. For over 30 years now, Roy and The Miles Company have striven to bring homes and business together making them more usable, enjoyable and functional for places to live, work and play.

Our customers have confidence in us. The Miles Company's honesty and reputation encourages our clients to call back for the smallest job to adding on an addition.

Roy has studied and worked hard and served as President of The Home Builder's Association of Middle Tennessee Remodelor's Council in 1997. He has a list of accreditations and certfications as long as your arm, and to receive these designations, one must have experience, study, pass tests, and have continuing education hours. They include: CR-Certified Remodeler from the National Association of Remodeling Industry, CGR-Certified Graduate Remodeler from the National Association of Home Builders and many more, listed on Roy's Achievements Page. From being Green Certified Professional to CAPS-Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Roy knows how to make your structure safer and better for the environment and your wallet, and more comfortable.

How can we, The Miles Company, change your living space and change the way you enjoy life?

Need more room? More natural light? Passive heat? A better view? Lower power bills? Call us now! (615) 646-3303 or email us.