Multi-Generation Homes


Adults Coming Home

According to a recent blog in the Wall Street Journal, more offspring are returning home to live with Mom and Dad for one reason or another. This after completing college and not being able to find a job or maybe after losing a job and not being able to live the same way, or not working at all. The article states:

"According to Census data, 5.9 million Americans between 25 and 34, nearly a quarter of whom have bachelor's degrees are living with their parents. That's up significantly from 4.7 million in 2007, before the recession hit."

The trend we're seeing is one where our children might be moving back home after college, and it may be that we've just recently bought a smaller abode, doing some of our own downsizing. Possibly we have an elder relative who needs his or her family to take care of them in their aging years. Whatever the case may be we can help you with adding square footage to your home or even taking the space you have and finishing it off for the new resident. Whatever the case may be, the reality of our time hits us right where it the wallet. Look what The Miles Company has done for those wanting more room.


(We took a 2-car garage and made an inlaw unit.)