The Miles Company partners with the finest collection of professional sub-contractors to provide each of our clients with a superior value.
Designs are executed with the ultimate goal of balancing form and function.
Our advanced engineering capabilities provide for innovative approaches to your homes exterior and interior challenges, while keeping the look and feel you desire.

Our Mission

The Miles Company, formed in 1979, has a mission, “To make our clients homes and businesses a better, more comfortable place to live work and play through quality remodeling and repair.”  We believe that taking the time to do the job right the first time saves our clients from having to do it twice. Communication, honesty, and caring for our clients is what has made us a success!  Through the years, we have developed relationships with many trade specialists that help us in our work, we’ve weeded them out so we can provide the best on our jobs!  Their mission is:  “To make our clients homes and  businesses a better more comfortable place to live work and play through remodeling”. 

"We are in the business of making peoples homes and businesses better places to work, play and relax by adding beauty and comfort thru remodeling." - Roy Miles

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